To Blog Or Not To Blog

Before this school year I had not considered blogging or publishing any of my thoughts on the internet. At first I wasn’t sure if I should be excited to blog and try something new, of course it was also part of the grade and assignment for class so I didn’t have much of an option, yet it all turned out well.

Blogging is challenging especially when there is timeline to follow and prompts. The prompts can come as a challenge if there isn’t much to say about the topic or it’s not a topic that interests the author. The timeline and due dates can become challenging if not enough time is given to each blog post and to the topic itself.

Although I hadn’t considered blogging as an outlet option it certainly has had a positive affect on my life and the way I think about writing and blogging. I started to see why people liked to blog and how it could create a network of people that were able to share ideas and then get feedback on them. It was easier than having to pass around papers or emailing everyone in the class on what we thought.

I’m not sure if I will continue blogging or posting my thoughts on this blog or another but if one day I do decide to blog then it will be easier for me to do so. I am glad to have blogged this semester because it has helped me get out of my writing shell a bit more. This semester it has also helped because we were able to choose some of the topics we wanted to talk about.

Blogging is a great tool for writing and one that may be part of my future writing.


Working While In College

As a freshman I not only have to worry about school work but a paying job as well. Just like trying to keep grades up I also have to keep up with my job and if that means working extra than it must be so. Professors talk about having to study certain hours depending on how many credits the class is. Some take into account sleep, eating, and other classes but they don’t mention jobs. Students at times have more than one job just to be in college and help out their parents.

Having a job and going to classes takes a toll on a person’s physical and psychological well being. After a tiring day at work it becomes difficult to think of homework and studying for big tests. On the upside it shows the person a real world type of responsibility that can be gained from having those experiences.

After almost two semesters it has been an up hill battle to be where I am today and at times it seems the work that comes my way is about to drown me but it motivates me to keep on swimming to the finish line. The first finish line being the end of this semester and getting a short break from school before having to do it all over again.

If you have a job or more than one then hats off to you and keep it up. The struggles of right now will let us appreciate our accomplishments in the future and teach us to be grateful for the life we lead.

Book Trailer: Few Are Angels

Learning about book trailers really surprised me because I had not heard of anything like it before. I don’t know if it is the lack of time I spend online or on youtube but I had not heard of them until now. For book recommendations I had either stumbled upon them or been told to read them by someone close to me. It’s interesting to see how far marketing for books has come. For some of the more funded ones it would seem it’s a movie trailer rather than one for a book. This has its ups and downs.

It could possibly be one of the most incredible trailers ever seen and leave us sad that it isn’t actually movie but a trailer to advertise a book. If there are characters from the book in the book trailer than it gives us someone to imagine without having to try to come up with someone ourselves, yet imaging characters is part of the fun of reading books or inserting ourselves into them. However, it could also cause us to not want to read the book because of the acting or how the story is portrayed. In the trailer for Few Are Angels, by Inger Iversen, we see a girl that looks disoriented and then a guy that looks like a bad looking Edward Cullen pops out of the woods and they stare at each other. She begins to see things and he just stands there. It all seems so dramatic but there are some parts in which her facial expressions don’t convince me of what she is narrating. Personally, after hearing her nasally voice for a while it becomes annoying and distracts me from what I’m trying to hear and see.

Books as well as other things in our life are turning more technological and if we don’t keep up they can leave us behind. I’m not sure what to make of book trailers yet. Some are entertaining to watch while others discourage the reader. It’s up to the reader to decide how they like inform themselves of new books but we shouldn’t be swayed by a fancy book trailer versus one with low funds. With more and more book trailers being published we can now say: don’t judge a book by its cover or book trailer.

Dying of Laughter

Spring has officially begun! The flowers are blossoming and the sun has been delivering its Vitamin D. With such great weather and beautiful scenes we also hear laughter. Now some laughter may be quite delightful while other is considered obnoxious. We often hear people saying they are dying with laughter. But are they really? Dying of laughter is very serious even with the person dying with a smile on their face. Who knew laughter could be so harmful especially in big amounts?
Mental Floss has an article on 10 People Who Laughed Themselves to Death by Stacy Conradt.
The first example is:
1. When A Fish Called Wanda was released in Denmark in 1989, a man named Ole Bentzen was so tickled by the scene where Ken gets chips up his nose that he laughed himself into oblivion. You see, Bentzen apparently had a similar experience around his dinner table when he and his family put pieces of cauliflower up their noses. The scene made him think of this cauliflower incident, which made him laugh so hard that his heartbeat allegedly escalated to between 250-500 beats a minute, causing a fatal heart attack.

The examples go on and with each one it’s hard not to laugh. Each example is funnier than the last and even when talking about death it seems like a comical way to die. The examples explain that part of laughing can cause heart attacks and being out of breath or choking on so much laughter. So beware of laughter, especially excessive laughter. Some people have really catchy laughter so stay away if you desire to live. Laughter seems to be on a rise of death so learn the symptoms before it is too late. Enjoy Spring Break with the sun, nature, and people around you. Laugh a lot but not to the point of death and relax!

Technology and Writing

The use of technology and the new advancements in it have made the world around us change. This change can be both good and bad.
With technology we get the option of typing out long papers rather than having to write them out and editing has been made easier. Now instead of smudges and eraser marks on a paper we can simply cut out a word and replace it with another word. We can access the internet, dictionaries, thesaurus, and other tools to help with writing. Research is more accessible and we can get information from all over the world. Technology has also made it easier to distribute writing and share it with all sorts of people. A manuscript can be emailed or a short story or poem. There are blogs and websites where people’s writing can be found. Others use Facebook to write and get fans.
Technology has had some bad influences on writing. With the abbreviation and laziness of certain individuals it has become harder to read something grammatically correct. Abbreviations are being used more and more. They should be left for class notes rather than in a formal email, story, or paper. It has also increased the chance of plagiarism because it becomes easier to copy and paste onto a document. In some cases buy essays online.
Writing has been enhanced and become richer in some areas such as ideas and ways to market it. However, it has also been stripped of its originality and ethics. Technology can be both good and bad depending on who uses it.

Grammar: A gram of Writing

This first thing we were taught when we learned how to write our first sentences was that we needed grammar. What made sense and what didn’t. For example: The dog at home, was not acceptable. However, if we wrote: the dog is at home, it was correct. We were also made aware of lower and upper case letters and when they would be appropriate to use. Usually if someone wrote MY CAT IS SO FLUFFY there would be read marks on the paper telling the student to use lower case letters. Then there was also the lesson on punctuation. Did we want a regular sentence. A sentence that showed excitement! A question perhaps?

All these basics were taught to us. I recall having grammar as a priority in my early classes of writing. Content began to weigh in when I moved up in grade. The 6 category rubric came into play. It was such a scary looking paper. Looking at the expectations was scary. 4 was passing but what if I wanted that 5 or 6? Grammar was one of the categories and it ranged from 1-6. Then gradually content was worth more than grammar.

Grammar should be taught well enough so there can be an understanding of basic writing rules and a foundation. It should be a priority to teach it because as technology advances continue language has been modified. Abbreviations and slang has become more common in every day text therefore there should be lessons on grammar. After teaching grammar the rules can be broken and manipulated into beautiful works.

Pep Talk


We are more than half way to the end of spring semester. Time is speeding up. More papers are due and exams are coming up. The pressure might be too much at times and we can see ourselves not fulfilling all our responsibilities. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am here to tell you that you can do it. You survived first semester and now you can just as well survive the second semester. It might seem like there is still time but time flies by when busy or having fun. If it is any comfort after this semester we will have made it to another year in our academic career. We will have achieved another accomplishment. There might be obstacles and difficulties in our lives but we can deal with them and our classes. In order to get to the big stepping stones in our lives we need to step on little stones in order to get to the bigger ones.

There is a key in order to fulfill all our obligations and that is to try to relax and not stress over everything. This isn’t a simple task but if we calm our bodies and mind it can help enrich our ideas. So stop and smell the flowers or the freshly cut grass. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh breeze that lightly touches your skin. Talk to friends or family members or send them a good old fashion letter. Simply connect with someone or something you love and smile at life. You will do greatly just don’t lose faith in yourself.